About Us

We Wrap your kitchen, bathroom and living room. Refresh your home and SAVE up to 80% of the cost of replacing cabinets, cupboards, doors and units with our vinyl wrap service. choose from a wide variety of colors and textures available from Modern and contemporary gloss and mattes to Elegant marble and wood oak. Your kitchen is a reflection of you, get in touch today and let us transform your kitchen, bathroom or living rooms in hours.

Contact our team of wrap experts today. We’re here to offer you a FREE no-obligation, Wrapping Service.

Are you bored of the usual look of your home or office and want to transform their appearance? We Wrap is the best place to choose. We can assist you to customize the interior décor of your kitchen, living room, and bathroom with vinyl wrap service.

WE WRAP is an Interior Design Studio and Dubai’s leading architectural vinyl wrapping provider to upgrade your place within hours. We are a cost-effective solution to remodel both your residential and commercial spaces. 

High-Quality Services and Products

Interior films and architectural vinyl wrapping are unique solutions for home and business renovations. 

Moreover, our wrapping method is far more durable and appealing than paint, and it cost half of the expense of upgrading or replacing them.

Kitchen wrapping Dubai is primarily our specialty with a wide range of choices. Our architectural vinyl wrapping expertise includes:

We exclusively use high-quality adhesive wrap that is simple to apply and produces fantastic results. Our architectural wrap options come in a variety of finishes, textures, and colors to inspire your imagination. These include:

We offer wood grain and textured finishes that are ideal for hiding any flaws in your aged kitchen. Matte hues hide flaws better than glossy colors, which hide them less well. All in all, these textures revive your place to an aesthetically pleasing one and add elegance and style to your ordinary living.

Why should you choose Architectural vinyl wrapping?

These are the latest and trusted wrapping materials with multiple benefits.

  • A wide range of shades and finishes to choose from
  • The discoloration is covered by a 5-year guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Greaseproof
  • Highly durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Would not peel off quickly
  • Resistant to Heat and Steam
  • Scratch proof
  • Simple to keep up with
  • Smart and Dura wrap technology
  • Waterproof
  • Your renovation costs will be reduced by 70% to 80%

Our Aim

Our primary aim is to take care of the emotions of our clients that they keep for their possessions. Thus, we are very particular in choosing the material, keeping in mind the taste of our valuable clients.

In addition, our goal is to provide a high-quality service to our clients using high-quality interior films that are durable and cost-effective. Plus, our final products are guaranteed to be eco-friendly, heatproof, waterproof, and scratchproof with at least a five years warranty.

Our Team

Our whole installation team is fully trained professionally and provides a mess-free vinyl wrap service. They are very keen to keep in mind every single detail to fulfill the expectations of our clients. 

They are very professional and cut the interior films very carefully as per the requirement of the area. Additionally, they use an onsite application system to apply to the surface and to ensure that every part and edge of the film settles down perfectly. 

Our unique wrapping service makes sure a flawless fit, so there are no unattractive gaps or overlaps after the restoration. Thus, this provides a straightforward installation process, greater value for money, opulent finishing, and an endless stream of compliments.

For any additional information, make yourself comfortable to contact us round-the-clock.