Wood: Nature’s Warmth

Indulge in the natural warmth and sophistication of the “Wood” with this vinyl wrapping option. This material is perfect for appreciating the charm of wood with plenty of textures.

What is “Wood” Vinyl Wrapping Material?

“Wood” vinyl wrap is a type of adhesive film designed to resemble the appearance of natural wood. It is often used to cover surfaces such as kitchen cabinet wrap Dubai, countertops, and furniture. This material transforms the objectives into new ones without actually replacing them. 

Types of Wood Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material

The “Wood” collection boasts a diverse range of wood textures. Each of these represents the distinct character of various wood types. You can prefer the fine grain of maple, the rich tones of walnut, or the classic appeal of oak. 

A few different wood types and styles include:

  • Blue Ebony
  • Brio Light Aragon
  • Cherry
  • Creme wood
  • Dark Wenge
  • Driftwood Brown
  • Light Grey Wood Panel
  • Light Parquet
  • Maple
  • Original Oak
  • Shimmery Golden Wood
  • Silver Dusted

How is it used for Wrapping?

Applying the “Wood” vinyl wrap is a seamless process. All you need to do is to:

  • clean the surface before applying the vinyl wrap
  • cut the vinyl wrap as per the measure of the surface
  • remove the backing of the vinyl wrap careful
  • apply the vinyl wrap onto the surface
  • trim the excess from the edges of the surface
  • heat the vinyl wrap and use a hair dryer to settle it

Why Choose “Wood” Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material?

When it comes to choosing a vinyl wrap for your kitchen or bathroom, “Wood” is preferable. There are various reasons why this material is a good choice, such as:

  • rich aesthetics of wood
  • budget-friendly nature 
  • ease of applying and removal
  • low-maintenance features
  • a practical and visually pleasing alternative

If you desire for warmth of wood in your living spaces, the “Wood” wrapping collection is for you.

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