Leather: Luxurious Texture

Elevate your kitchen and bathroom aesthetics with the luxurious texture of the “Leather” kitchen vinyl wrapping. 

What is “Leather” Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material?

“Leather” kitchen vinyl wrapping is a type of adhesive material. The leather texture not only adds a touch of luxury but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This collection showcases sophistication, introducing a unique tactile element. It is a practical choice for high-use areas like kitchens. This vinyl wrap gives a leather appearance to cabinets, drawers, and other surfaces and adds some texture and visual interest to your kitchen. 

Types of Leather Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material

The “Leather” collection offers a wide range of textures made by using different types of genuine leather. It includes smooth and sleek surfaces as well as more textured options. Some of the most common types of leather kitchen vinyl wrap include:

Faux leather – a synthetic material mimics the appearance of real leather

Genuine leather – made from animal hides

Bonded leather – made from a combination of real leather and synthetic materials

How is it used for Wrapping?

Applying the “Leather” vinyl wrap is a precise process. It involves:

  • measuring the material
  • cutting the material
  • fitting to the dimensions
  • clean the surface that you want to wrap
  • Measuring the surface and cutting the wrapping
  • Peeling off the backing paper from the vinyl wrap
  • applying the wrap to the surface
  • smoothing it out for any air bubble
  • trimming the excess vinyl wrapping
  • finishing the wrapping

Why Choose “Leather” Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material?

“Leather” vinyl wrap is a convenient alternative to traditional leather installations, offering the same luxurious look without the challenges. Unlike genuine leather, this vinyl material is:

  • durable
  • easy to maintain
  • practical and fashionable
  • cost-effective
  • customizable

Don’t hesitate to add rich and tactile textures to your kitchen and bathroom right away!

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