Solid: Classic Simplicity

We Wrap introduces “Solid” vinyl wraps – a timeless and versatile solution for kitchens and bathrooms. This classic option is simple and elegant, making it perfect for a variety of design styles.

What is “Solid” Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material?

A “Solid” kitchen vinyl wrapping is a type of adhesive vinyl material. With its solid color finishes, it mimics the look of a painted surface. kitchen cabinet vinyl wrap, furniture, and appliances can be covered and decorated with Solid wraps. 

Types of Solid Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material

The “Solid” collection includes a wide range of solid colors such as basic whites and grays, as well as colorful and bold hues. To accommodate various tastes and design preferences, each of them has been thoughtfully chosen.

Popular “solid-look” vinyl coverings for bathrooms and kitchens include:

1. Glossy:

It looks delicate and modest because of its smooth, non-reflective appearance.

2. Matte:

It looks delicate and modest because of its smooth, non-reflective appearance.

3. Satin:

This semi-gloss coating strikes a mix between glossy and matte vinyl wrap’s flash and delicacy.

4. Metallic:

This wrap has a metallic finish that creates a distinctive and striking appearance.

5. Textured wrap:

A textured surface provides an intriguing feel and visual appearance.

How is it used for Wrapping?

The application of the “Solid” vinyl wrap is a precise process. It involves:

  • cleaning the surface thoroughly
  • measuring and cutting the vinyl wrap to size
  • peeling off the backing paper from a corner of the vinyl wrap
  • aligning it with the surface
  • gently pressing the vinyl wrap onto the surface
  • removing the air bubble
  • cutting off any excess vinyl wrap

Why Choose “Solid” Kitchen Vinyl Wrapping Material?

Choosing the “Solid” vinyl wrap is a decision rooted in practicality and aesthetic appeal. This material’s simplicity offers a clean and contemporary look that blends well with various design themes. A few of the many reasons for picking these wraps are:

  • durability
  • versatile
  • cost-effective
  • waterproof
  • easy to clean
  • easy peel and stick
  • free to cut
  • oil proof
  • enhances the visual appeal of your space

Why wait? Give your living spaces a pleasing layout with the “Solid” vinyl wraps now.

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