What is the Best Way to Upgrade Kitchen Cupboards?

Cupboards are an integral part of your kitchen as they enhance its functionality by providing excess storage space. You can use them to store different kitchen appliances. Over time, they get damaged and outdated, affecting the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Therefore, you must consider revamping them to elevate the style of your kitchen.

Now the main concern is the best option to upgrade them. The simplest way to figure this out is to explore different options you can try to revamp them. Let’s do so without further ado.

Different Ways to Upgrade Kitchen Cupboards

The following are some of the most common approaches you can try to upgrade kitchen cupboards and enhance their style and aesthetics.

Cupboard Wrapping

It’s the best and most affordable option you can try. It offers plenty of color and design options, allowing you to create the look you like. Cupboard wrapping involves the use of thin vinyl films to wrap your cupboards. These films are highly durable and resistant to scratches and moisture.

You can opt for customized films to give a personalized touch to your kitchen. The best thing about them is that they are reversible. You can change the design whenever you want by simply replacing the wraps. There are no visible cons to this approach, as you will get the desired results without spending a lot of money or time.


It’s considered an ideal DIY approach to revamping kitchen cupboards. It’s pretty simple as it only involves painting the surface of cupboards. It can help you change the overall appearance of your kitchen.

However, painting is a time-consuming task. You have to spend a lot of time preparing the cupboards for the paint. And the worst part is that you may not get the desired results, as colors often change shades after drying. Furthermore, you will not get a fine finish, and the new paint will get damaged over time.  


It involves replacing the fronts of cupboard doors and drawers present in your kitchen. This replacement can elevate the appearance of the cupboards while maintaining their original layout. It can save you from the hassle of replacing the entire setting.

Refacing has certain limitations as well. Firstly, you will have only limited style and color options available. So, you may not be able to get the desired outcomes. Secondly, it can easily get damaged, and the only repair option is to replace the fronts again.

Replacing Doors and Hardware

Replacing doors and hardware is the partial replacement of cupboards in your kitchen that enables you to transform them. You can choose from different door designs. Similarly, multiple hardware options are also available.

However, it’s not a good option if you want to do it yourself. Though it’s not as expensive as replacing the entire system, it still costs a considerable amount. There is a chance that you may not find the desired doors for cabinets and end up getting an old-fashioned style.

Adding Glass Inserts

The use of glass always gives a luxurious touch to your kitchen. It will make your place look bigger by creating an illusion. Adding glass inserts in the doors of cupboards is one of the innovative ways to revamp them. It will show what’s in the cupboards, making it easy to locate different items.

It’s an expensive option as adding glass inserts requires high-quality material and specialized professionals. It can easily break when hit by something. The most prominent demerit of this approach is that you need to pay special attention to its maintenance.

Installing Lighting

Installing lighting can make your kitchen look more sophisticated. You can choose from a range of lighting options for your cupboard. Built-in LED lights and strip lights are best for your cupboards.

Lighting also has some demerit points. Firstly, it will increase energy consumption, ultimately leading to a rise in bills. Secondly, it’s suitable for already stylish cupboards as it will highlight their beauty. Otherwise, it will make the imperfections more prominent.

Replacing Cupboards

A complete overhaul is suitable to remove all imperfections, layout issues, and structural damages. However, replacing them is a time-consuming and the most expensive process. You have to spend time and money on the demolition of existing cupboards and then the installation of the new ones. Apart from that, you have to spend a considerable amount on floor and worktop adjustments to make them suitable for the new layout.

Final Verdict

Among all the aforementioned approaches, cupboard wrapping is the best option to revamp cupboards and add a curb appeal to your kitchen. It’s affordable, easy to apply, durable, and offers immediate results. Furthermore, you can opt for customized options as well to get the perfect color and design. Contact We Wrap for affordable and customized cupboard wrapping. It’s a trusted company with qualified staff to help you transform your space without breaking the bank.

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