Pros and Cons of Vinyl Wrap Doors

When renovating your home, you cannot overlook the doors. You don’t need to replace your doors to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Now, you have a budget-friendly option available in the form of vinyl wraps. You can opt for door wrapping to enhance your property’s overall appearance and aesthetics.

Door wrapping is a simple process that doesn’t require hefty upfront costs. However, the availability of other renovation options may make you wonder if door wrapping is the right choice. Don’t worry! You can figure this out by reviewing the door wrapping pros and cons. Let’s do so without any ado.

Pros of Door Wrapping

Wrapping is a popular door renovation option because of its amazing benefits. The following are the key benefits you will get after opting for door wrapping.

An Affordable Option

The primary benefit of vinyl door wrapping is that it’s affordable. It costs less than other door remodel options. You may have to spend some extra bucks to get high-quality wraps. Never hesitate to do so as premium quality wraps can last longer than the regular ones. Another thing that makes them affordable is that you can install them on your own, saving money you have to spend on hiring professionals.

High Durability

Vinyl wraps are highly durable and can last for an extended duration. This durability makes them highly cost-effective, especially in the long run. The main factors that contribute to its durability are:

  • They show water resistance and remain unaffected even in moist areas.
  • They are resistant to high temperatures and remain unchanged even when the temperature rises in summer.
  • UV radiation doesn’t impact the color or adhesiveness of these wraps.
  • They are resistant to most of the chemicals.
  • They don’t get stained and remain clean even when exposed to different materials.
  • Minor scratches by your pets don’t damage these wraps.

Easy Maintenance

One of the leading benefits of vinyl wraps is that they are easy to maintain. You don’t have to spend hours on cleaning them and maintaining their original color and design. Simply wiping them with wet cloth is all you need to maintain them. You can occasionally use a mild cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to clean them. It will help in maintaining their original shine and texture.

Seamless Finish

Finishing is one of the major concerns when you are trying to remodel your door. By using vinyl wraps, you can get a fine finish. These wraps can seamlessly cover the edges and gaps leaving no empty space behind. This seamless finish will not only enhance the visual appeal, but increase durability as well. No gaps between joints means that dirt and moisture cannot affect the inside of wraps.

Easy to Install

One of the most exciting benefits of vinyl wraps is that they are easy to install. The process is so simple that you can carry it on your own. All you need to do is to follow some basic steps. First of all you need to buy high quality vinyl wraps for your door. Then clean the surface to prepare it for the wraps.

Follow it by cutting the wraps according to the size of the door. Make sure to cut some extra inches as you can cut the extra material later to get a fine finish. Then you have to apply the wraps on the door and cut excessive material with the help of a sharp cutter.

Though the installation process is quite easy, consider hiring professionals to get desired results. Contact We Wrap for vinyl door wrapping without draining your pocket. It’s a well-known company with skilled staff to provide the best wrapping services.

Availability of Customization Options

This benefit of vinyl wraps makes them superior to other door remodel options. They are available in an extensive range of colours and designs. You can choose one that suits your needs. The best part is that you can even opt for customized vinyl wraps to give your space a personalized touch.

Cons of Door Wrapping

You cannot overlook the darker side of the picture. Therefore, you should also consider the major demerit points of the door wrapping to make an informed decision.

  • If vinyl wraps get damaged, it becomes hard to repair them. The best solution you have is to replace the wrapping.
  • Though they have extended lifespans, you need to replace them after regular intervals. These intervals can be shortened when you use vinyl wraps in a high-use area.
  • They are sensitive to sharp objects such as knives, scissors, etc., and can be damaged when they come into contact with them.

Final Words

Vinyl wraps for doors have certain pros and cons. However, their benefits often outweigh the demerits, making them an ideal choice for your doors. You can rely on them to immediately transform the doors of your home.  Make sure to hire experts for the perfect installation of these wraps.

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