Living Room Wrapping: Style Guide

Revamping your living room is considered a complex task as it takes a lot of time and effort. You have to move things out and make room for new ones to renovate it. However, revamping it is no longer a complete overhaul as you can opt for living room wrapping. It involves using vinyl or some other material sheets on walls to make your space more stylish and aesthetic.

When opting for living room wrapping, you need to make the right choices to get the best outcomes. In this post, we will provide a detailed style guide on living room wrapping. Let’s explore this guide without further ado.

A Style Guide for Living Room Wrapping

The following section involves basic things you must know to transform your living room via wrapping.

Plan the Wrapping Process

The first thing you need to do is to plan the whole process. To do so, you first need to decide which parts of the living room you are going to wrap. When planning, you need to do the following things.

Understand Your Space

Firstly, you must understand your living room. Check out everything present in it, especially the focal points such as TV or a fireplace. Don’t ignore windows and doors when assessing your space for wrapping.


The next thing you need to focus on is budget. Set a realistic budget for living room wrapping and then plan the process around it. Without setting a budget, you may spend a lot on wrapping and it will cost the same as renovation.

Define Your Style

It’s probably the most significant part of planning the wrapping. You must consider your personal preferences to make the right choices. Decide how you want your living room to look and then plan everything accordingly.

Select the Right Wrapping for Your Living Room

The next step is to select the right type of wrapping for your living room. To do so, you first need to explore the common types of wrapping available.

Types of Living Room Wrapping

There are 3 main types of living room wrapping based on their material. These are:

Vinyl: It’s the most commonly used wrapping and is highly durable. Being available in various colors and designs, it’s highly versatile and customizable as well. It is an ideal choice for heavy use as well due to its extended lifespan.

Leather: If you want a more sophisticated and luxurious touch, you can opt for leather wrapping. It is available in both glossy and matte touch and adds warmth to your space.

Fabric: This wrapping is ideally used for living room furniture and gives a welcoming touch to the area. You can choose from a wide range of fabric types, colors, and designs for this wrapping.

Key Considerations to Make the Right Choice

After exploring different wrapping types, you need to make the right choice after considering:

  • The existing decorative items are present in your living room.
  • The overall aesthetics and style of your indoor space.
  • Your personal choice.

Trending Living Room Wrapping Styles

The following are some trending styles you should consider when opting for living room wrapping.

Minimalist Elegance

It’s an effective style to enhance the aesthetics of your living room. Opt for neutral colors and plane wraps for a minimalist style. Beige, white, and grey colors are the most common choices for this style as they look more sophisticated.

Nature-Inspired Designs

It is also a stylish option to elevate the aesthetics of your living room. Opt for vinyl wraps with different natural designs on them like floral patterns, natural landscapes, etc. Apart from that, you can opt for sheets that mimic natural materials such as wood, stones, etc.

Bold Styles

It’s a trending option especially if you want to make a statement when wrapping your living room. Vinyl films with bold colors and geometric patterns on them are best suited for this style.

Traditional Styles

You can bring in the vintage charm by opting for traditional-style living room wrapping. Retro-inspired wraps are ideal for this style. You can pair it with classic furniture and electric appliances for the best finish.

Try New Things

Apart from that, never hesitate to try new things. Play with textures and mix different designs and styles when wrapping your living room. It enables you to give a more personalized touch to your space.

Hire Experts for Installation

It’s an underrated yet most effective approach for stylish living room wrapping. Professionals will install wrapping appropriately to make it look more stylish and aesthetic. Furthermore, they can guide you on the latest trends and styles in wrapping. Get in touch with  We Wrap for cost-effective and premium-quality wrapping. It’s a reliable company with trained staff to help you wrap any part of your living or workplace.

The aforementioned guide will help you choose the right style for living room wrapping. Reach out to We Wrap to revamp your living room with its top-tier wrapping services.

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