Is It Better to Paint or Wrap Kitchen Cupboards?

The use of paint and vinyl wraps to wrap kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and cupboards is a rapidly growing trend because of their versatility, affordability, and convenient application process.  These renovation techniques not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also protect your cupboards from early tear or wear because of daily exposure, harsh weather, and stains.  

However, some people are still confused about whether cupboard wrapping is a reliable solution to enhance the value and longevity of their cupboards or Painting. That’s why we are going to review the positive and negative impacts of both cupboard wrapping and painting here: 


The Pros

Customized Solution

Painting offers customized solutions for all types of surfaces. From glossy to matte and texture, it is available in various forms, colors, and shades catering to the specific needs of different types of cupboard surfaces. Therefore, you can easily choose and find any type of paint according to your needs or requirements and upgrade your cupboard.  

DIY Project

The second most important benefit of painting a cupboard is that you can do it manually without any help or professional assistance. It results in eliminating the heavy costs of hiring professional renovation services and enhancing your creativity skills. Moreover, it also gives you freedom of time management. 

Cost Effective

When talking about the benefits of painting, the most important one is its cheap rates as compared to wrapping. Almost all types of paints are available at quite affordable rates that allow you to enhance the looks, value, and longevity of your cupboards without making a hole in your pocket.  

Extra Protection

Painting a cupboard not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also increases its durability and resistance to stains and harsh weather. The reason is that paints add an extra layer of protection over cupboard surfaces which results in shielding cupboards from early tear and wear as well.  This feature forces people to choose painting over wrapping.  

The Cons 


The biggest drawback of painting a cupboard is that it’s a long process that consumes a lot of time. From preparing surfaces to applying primer and then waiting for it to dry before applying the second paint coat, it usually takes many days to paint a single cupboard.  Therefore most people think twice before choosing painting as a renovation material.  

Labour Intensive

The second disadvantage of painting is its lengthy and labor-intensive process.  Unlike wrapping you can’t paint a surface directly. From decluttering to cleaning and preparing the surface to painting and drying, it involves various intricate and time-consuming challenges.  

Durability Issues

Not all paints are equally durable. It can easily fade away and dissipate from the cupboard surface due to various reasons including humidity, harsh weather, and daily exposure.  

Cupboard Wrapping

The Pros 


The most amazing feature or benefit of cupboard wrapping is that these vinyl wraps are highly versatile. They are available in various colors or patterns and textures and can perfectly mimic any type of material including marble, concrete, wood, grass, stainless steel, and plastic. That’s why they are considered an ideal solution to enhance the aesthetics and longevity of cupboards. 

Convenient to Use 

Unlike painting, wrapping a cupboard is quite an easy and stress-free process. They are self-adhesive and stick to any surface immediately. You hardly need an hour to completely wrap a cupboard.  

Aesthetically Appealing

Wrapping cupboards is a rapidly growing trend because of their incredible compatibility with all surfaces and immense beauty. They just look like original materials and can enhance the overall look or aesthetics of your cupboard significantly. 

Durable and Reliable 

Most people choose wrapping over painting because of its incredible durability. Vinyl wraps are highly resistant to daily spills, moisture, satins, and even heat which enables them to withstand harsh weather. Moreover, they required very little maintenance to remain in their original form for a long haul.  

The Cons 

Regarding quality, durability, and compatibility, wardrobe wrapping carries no side effects but some people consider its price and demand for professional application as its drawbacks. However, joining hands with a reliable company like “We Wrap”, one of the top-ranked, trusted wrapping partners, can help you get premiere quality wraps and expert wrapping services at quite affordable rates. 

Final Verdict 

After comparing the pros and cons of cupboard wrapping and painting we reach the verdict that applying vinyl wraps over any type of cupboard surface brings more potential benefits including longevity, protection, aesthetics, and value than painting. It also carries some side effects but the right choice and buying premier quality wraps from a reliable store such as “We Wrap can help you eliminate these risk factors or disadvantages. 

Therefore, cupboard wrapping is a more worthwhile decision to enhance the look and value of your home. 

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