Do Office Windows Have UV Protection?

Just like any other component, Windows also plays a crucial role in the functionality and overall aesthetics of a workplace. They allow natural light to escape into your offices to keep them warm and bright, resulting in a significant impeachment on your employee’s health and productivity. 

When it comes to choosing the right type of windows for the office or a workplace most people overlook the importance of UV rays protection provided by office windows. It results in the entrance of harmful UV radiations to your workplace that can impact your employee’s health and also cause deterioration of your office interior. However, window tinting or protective coatings can help you avoid this trouble, improve natural light, and enhance the longevity of your office interior. 

Here are some simple yet effective ways to protect your windows from UV rays. 

Protective Coatings 

One of the most simple yet popular ideas to protect your windows and office interior from the harmful impact of UV rays is the application of protective coatings directly on the window glass. Various types of UV protective Coatings are available in the market that can help you block UV rays without compromising on visibility.

These protective Coatings are usually transparent and used to add layers to the window glass without altering its appearance and aesthetics. 

Smart Glass

Another Innovative solution to protect window glass and frame from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun is the application of smart class. Smart or switchable glass is capable of changing its light transmission properties depending on the type and amount of the light or heat. 

The major benefit of applying smart class on Windows surfaces is that they ensure adjustable UV protection as well as increased security.  

UV Blocking Window Films

UV-blocking window film application is also a smart move to maximize UV protection. As indicated by the name these films can filter and block harmful UV rays without impacting the room visibility. These types of films not only ensure protection from UV rays but also maintain the clarity of the class and protect your office interior.  

Blinds and Curtains

Whether you are looking for effective UV protection solutions or desire to upgrade the aesthetics and durability of your windows, the installation of window blinds and curtains is an ideal solution for you.  These blinds and curtains are easy to install and you can also close them during cold weather. 

However, make sure to choose the right types of blinds or curtains that can perfectly fit your window needs and are capable of withstanding harsh weather and other environmental factors.  You can search online for the best window curtains or consult with professionals to make an informed selection. 

Window Tinting

When talking about UV Protection techniques for windows, Windows tinting stands out as the most popular one. Along with UV rays protection, it also enhances the aesthetics and durability of your windows. 

Window tinting is simply the application of thick UV-resistant films on window surfaces and frames to control heat gain, glare, and visibility. However, the selection of the right types of window tinting techniques depending on your window’s needs or requirements is paramount to achieving desired outcomes.

Here are some common types of window wraps, their key features, and their impact on your office windows. 

  • Dyed tinting films are directly applied to the window glass to block a portion of the sunlight,  up to 80%, that enters your office,  reduces glare, and ensures maximum protection from UV rays. 
  • Solar control films are specialized wraps that are designed to reduce solar heat absorption and keep the room temperature low, resulting in higher energy efficiency. 
  • The application of Low-E coatings on window glass is also an effective wrapping technique that can help you reduce heat reflection and save energy without compromising on the 
  • You can also apply metalized films with metallic layers or tiny metal particles to reflect sunlight, reduce heat gain, and control glare, resulting in the creation of a peaceful work ambiance. 
  • Window tinting also involves the addition of ceramic films to windows which automatically results in reducing heat transfer through windows. 

All these UV protection films or tinting techniques are quite easy to apply and bring a myriad of potential benefits but make sure to consult with professionals like We Wrap before making any decision, crucial to avoid risk factors and get maximum ROI. From free consultation and assistance to film applications and perfect finishes, they will deliver exceptional services at competent rates. 

A Final Word 

Standard windows can have UV protection either by using window tinting or other smart glass technologies. It is crucial for preserving interior furnishings, improving energy efficiency, and ensuring a comfortable work environment. Therefore, you can select any of these methods that can perfectly complement your window needs to significantly enhance the durability and functionality of windows, making them a valuable investment in any building.

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