Countertop Wrapping: Dos and Don’ts

The countertop is the central point of your kitchen as it not only enhances its functionality but boosts visual appeal as well. However, continuous use and spills of different items, such as oil, vinegar, and sauces lead to scratches and stains. It can make your whole kitchen look dull, necessitating its immediate replacement.

To avoid the hassle of replacing the entire countertop, you can opt for countertop wrapping. It will not only restore the aesthetics and functionality of the countertop but protect it from further damage as well.

However, countertop wrapping is a complicated project demanding special attention. So, you must be aware of the dos and don’ts for this wrapping before you start it. Let’s uncover them without further ado.

Dos for Countertop Wrapping

Thorough Cleaning

The first thing you need to do when wrapping your countertop is to make sure it’s clean. To do so, you need to thoroughly clean it and remove dust and grease or oil residues from it. You can use a mild detergent to clean it which doesn’t affect the adhesiveness of the vinyl sheet.

Appropriate Measurements and Cutting

You must measure the countertop appropriately to cut the sheet accordingly. Make sure to take measurements from every side. When cutting the vinyl sheet, keep it bigger than the actual measurements. The extra sheet will be removed during trimming.

Use a Squeegee

A Squeegee or a similar tool must be used when wrapping the countertop. This is a flat tool that is used to remove air gaps or bubbles when applying a vinyl sheet over a countertop surface. You simply have to press it on the surface and move to remove entrapped air.

Trim Excess Material

When you wrap the countertop, make sure to trim the extra material. Using scissors or a cutting blade is the right option for trimming. Be careful when doing so to avoid any injury. Make sure you cut the extra sheet only without affecting the rest of the wrapping. Do this part slowly and try to achieve perfection for a fine finish.

Use a Heat Gun

A heat gun or a hair dryer should be used to apply a vinyl sheet on the countertop. This heat treatment will make it easy for you to carry out the wrapping. Furthermore, it will comfort the sheet, especially around edges or corners. As a result, you can get a fine finish.

Apply Adhesive

Usually, vinyl films used for wrapping have a layer of adhesive material on one side. However, it may not work on some surfaces. Therefore, you should apply Adhesive on the surface to ensure the attachment of the sheet with it. You can also try an adhesive promoter for longevity. Make sure you use only the recommended adhesive that doesn’t affect the vinyl sheet.

Test Computability

Before you proceed with the full project, make sure to test the comparability of your selected vinyl sheet with the countertop. This comparability test helps you pick the right wrapping for your countertop that will last longer.

Hire Professionals

Though countertop wrapping appears a simple task, you may not be able to do it on your own. Therefore, you must consider hiring professionals to complete this project. Reach out to We Wrap to hire experts for countertop wrapping. They have state-of-the-art tools and advanced techniques to carry out this job with perfection.

Don’ts for Countertop Wrapping

Applying on Dirty or Uneven Surfaces

Don’t apply vinyl wrap on a dirty or uneven surface. It will affect the adhesiveness and you will not get the long-term results. Apart from that, the finish will not be fine.

Excessive Stretching of Vinyl Sheet

Heat treatment can help in stretching the sheet, making it easy to apply. However, you should avoid excessive stretching as it will reduce the durability of the sheet and may lead to holes in it as well.

Ignore Repairing of Damaged Countertops

Don’t ignore repairing the damaged countertop before wrapping it with a vinyl sheet. Otherwise, you will not get a fine finish and the wrapping will not last long.

Use of Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Never use chemical-based or harsh cleaners to clean countertops or wrapping. These cleaners will affect the durability of the vinyl sheet. Furthermore, they may not let it adhere to the surface and you will not get the desired outcome. 

Rush the Process

Don’t rush the process as it will result in errors. Take your time and complete the job slowly, paying attention to every detail. Rushing the process will result in wrinkles on the wrapping.

Overlap or Leave Gaps

Don’t overlap the vinyl sheet as it will not give a smooth finish. Similarly, avoid leaving gaps to get the perfect finish. It will make the wrapping prone to lifting or peeling over time.

Final Words

Countertop wrapping is an effective approach to restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your countertop. Keep the aforementioned dos and don’ts in mind when wrapping it to get a seamless finish. The simplest thing you can do is to contact We Wrap and hire professionals to handle this job.

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